Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oculus was blocking many achievements...but not anymore

I usually ditch out on tanking Oculus groups but I was in a generous mood last night so I ran it. One of the guys with us was one of those "achievement dudes" ... you know the type. The "Achievement Dude" insists on the strangest achievement in a heroic that should be otherwise easy but it turns out making the run a pain in the ass.

This guy wanted "Amber Void" which is of course the DPS drake (mostly) in the instance. Don't use one and you get an achievement and I guess he needed it for the drake he was working toward. Fair enough.

Well I'll be damned if we didn't get it and I had totally forgotten that the WORST instance in World of Warcraft had been blocking some achievements for me as well. Thusly, when the boss went down, guild spam erupted with FIVE achievements for me on my warrior:

I guess if you are going to do something knock it ALL out so you never have to come back. New bribes or not this instance still sucks ass. I got some dumb sack of gems with 2 more badges in it at the end but I still hate it.