Thursday, January 14, 2010

Somehow I don't think the Fallen Earth community will miss this guy

I love reading user reviews on games when I am bored.

Out of curiosity I went on over to Metacritic to see how some of the games I have taken a liking too were doing and stumbled upon this gem of a user "review" for Fallen Earth:
Alexander S gave it a 0:
Fallen Earth is the worst MMO that ive ever played!!!!! Poor graphics, extremely boring tutorial and free play of course too. I ve been playing this game for 40 minutes and it have been the worst minutes in my life!!! Plz dont buy it!! Dont play It. Save your nerves!!Fallen is a crap,nothing more.

Awww. Poor Alexander. I trust this guy. Sounds like he knows a good "a crap" when he sees one so I am staying way clear of Fallen Earth.