Thursday, January 21, 2010

Star Trek fanboys assault true beta testers

I love how Sypster (or Darren or I for example) point out blatant errors about a game and blind pre order fanatics berate you at every turn.

This is a syndrome of players that play MMO's for 7-11 levels and think they are all awesome. Then move on to the next game. This is why I actually made this blog is to go after things like this that happen to people that actually approach new MMO's subjectively. I would do the same thing for Star Wars also. Sure I love Star Wars but I am not going to sit there on a podcast (like the blind fans over on STOked) and say "I would pay 100 dollars a month to play this game its AWESOME!) if it wasn't technically sound or ready for prime time.

And STO is NOT ready for prime time. Yet. I want it to succeed trust me and it does have its moments of coolness. Right now though I see Cryptic written all over this title and some things just need to be worked on. I am not going to list every issue just go to the forums. I have talked too much about this game and frankly I'm tired of it lets just get on to the next patch and see if things are worked on.

To see the flaws in an MMO you have to look at every angle: economy, PVP, PVE, character progression, gear, and lore. People that bandwagon into these games don't take the time to see what is wrong with them and help point out things to be fixed. Instead what they do is fork money over play for a month then move onto the next message board for some new messiah game. There they can continue to chastise people that actually bug report and find errors with their "beloved" game.

And Star Trek Online has a boat load of them.