Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Star Trek Online end of beta event

BORG. Borg everywhere.

So it was my beta time ended with quite a bang.

In fact so many bangs I had to retreat and give it a rest. The end of beta even was fun while it lasted however and at 8:10 pm CST the servers shut down to prepare for launch. I had not actually stayed in a game beta until servers shut down since City of Heroes as I missed World of Warcraft's end of beta festivities. I logged in to find the Earth Starbase under assault from Borg drones and then when I left I saw nothing but Borg cubes everywhere. I tried to fight and help out but alas, they were way overpowered. This was pretty much the case for everyone as the Borg were being controlled by GM's that were relentlessly pursuing people in sector space.

After about an hour of fun and taking down some Borg with much higher level players, I decided to get in one last mission before the servers went down. This mission was pretty cool and actually involved my away team. I had to rescue some scientists on a space station that was invaded by Gorn. Along the way I got to put out fires and have a jolly old good time. I even evaporated a few Gorn to prove my point that the Federation means business.

All in all I had a blast in the end of the beta events and I hope Cryptic can carry this momentum forward. Oh and somewhere in there tonight they mentioned a Champions Online expansion or something. Whatever.