Thursday, January 14, 2010

Summing up my daily life WoW

Syncaine is pretty much an off the chart douche bag (argh I made a personal attack ok ok I take that back. I like to call him the Mancow of blogging only not as important) but he summed up every post made by Tobold and my life on a daily basis in World of Warcraft:
"Tobold is still in WoW single-serving it up, chasing tokens, asking for builds, and running an AH mod. He might still be having enough fun to not cancel his subscription (plus how else would he get freebies from Blizzard for promoting their game?), but for all we knew FE might be EXACTLY what he is looking for right now, and I fail to see how that’s not a potential loss (since everyone’s time is limited and all that) to his gaming."

Putting the personal attacks that he makes towards others aside I have to admit that made me laugh. Now back to hating you. Internet hating, not real life hating. You know kinda like internet romances and such. But not a romance...well you know what I mean. Now you get back to pimping your PVP MMO you get paid to pimp.