Friday, January 22, 2010

View a Movie Friday 1/22/2010

This will be a new feature I put up each Friday that will cover the LATEST movie you saw. It must be off the cuff and this includes Netflix or any rentals you may have made. We will not be taking made for TV movies or anything on the Sy Fy channel you watched while in a robe drinking scotch at 3 am in the morning.

Simply reply in the comment section on this post or sign up and visit our gaming discussion boards and reply to the View a Movie Friday thread for the date it was posted.

I will start by putting the trailer for the latest movie I saw here in this post. Remember, you have to be honest! If you watched Devil Wears Prada with the little woman in your life, put it down. It only works if we get a good range of movies that people have been watching. We won't judge I swear...

My latest film was (drumroll please)