Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well speak of the devil: STO patched today

Ok well here go. A major patch to the Star Trek Online beta today (my comments in red). This is a huge patch so if you are playing the game you may want to just see the link below:

Level Cap Removed! (Hey lets see how fast people cap out and complain about end game. This is a GOOD thing)

Leonard Nimoy has provided an audio journal overview as you enter each new Sector Block (Ok well whatever. Throw money at it thats all good and stuff but lets make sure we use that money to fix the game also)

Improved loading screens (meh, kinda cool the loading screen had this weird issue with the background image not fitting the whole screen which was odd)

Updated Klingon starting equipment. Ground and Space. (whole slew of Klingon fixes also)

Bug Fixes for nearly every mission in the game.

Added 2 NPCs talking about sulu being admiral quinn's office (wha??)

Improved ground combat balance. Easier at earlier levels, and more balanced at higher levels. (now you are doing this?)

Players can now Save/Load costumes.

Dragging and dropping items has improved (sigh..this should be one of the first items ANY MMO gets right)

Update message for when the shard is full.

Ground Combat Holds - Increased player innate resistance to holds, which effectively reduces the durations of holds against players. Once holds expire, they apply additional hold resistance buffs. When players have this buff stacked on them, the resistance will become complete immunity. This does not affect NPCs.

Buffs now display how long they last, and how many times they have been stacked.

The list goes on and on but the point is....THANK YOU. This patch was needed.