Thursday, February 25, 2010

Art in Motion: Cartoons for Big Kids!

I know normally we reserve the movie posts for Fridays but I wanted to point out two amazing movies that I got the chance to watch with my oldest Son this week.

The concept for both movies is simple but brings with it such a diverse movie watching experience. You have a collection of artist's/animator's who all focus on the same world and characters creating them in their own way. Each animator would do his/her own short story involving the world and character.

The stories themselves even bring a deeper sense to the world or maybe just focus on one aspect of the characters that is not normally visited in the normal media. More including trailers after the break!

The first movie is Batman: Gotham Knight, the trailer show here...

Batman: Gotham Knight

The movie has many different aspects to it, and art styles, ranging from classic Japanese Anime, to classic cartoon. It comes with several different story lines, focusing on the mythos of Batman.

My favorite was a bunch of kids sitting around talking about Batman and how he looks and acts describing him like a demon. Minutes later Batman along with several bad guys bust into the Kid's clubhouse fighting and you get the image of each kids description.

All in all it each short story was an amazing piece of art in motion.

Which leads me to my next cartoon movie, which funny enough is based on a video game for the Xbox/Xbox 360.

Halo Legends

Designed the same way as Batman Gotham Knight, it is again an amazing example of Cartoons as an art form.

My personal favorite was the Covenant story, that was done to mimic a water color painting.

I don't want to give to much away for either movie, but if you use Netflix add them today to your Rent list. If you are a Fan of either characters, then you NEED to watch both movies, even own them if you can.