Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fallen Earth gets a huge patch and new login screen

I just managed to fire it up today in the afternoon but the servers are still down. However the new login screen was visible. I am not sure if this was added this patch or sometime last week since I haven't had the chance to login until today.

Anyway here is a small screenshot of the login look now:

The patch was no slouch either and is HUGE with tons of fixes and additions. Take a look at the full notes here

Some of the notable additions are:

Deadfall Point

Set up by Grahams who have outlived their usefulness to LifeNet, this small camp nestled on the edge of desolation is now focused on reaching a relic of the old world deep in the wastes. To do so, they must activate some of GlobalTech's remaining devices, and for this they have made all manner of alliances. Surrounded by radiation, mutants and paranoia, Deadfall Point may be the gateway to a new world or a dead end.

Salvager Fortress

Salvagers have been attacking Odenville for weeks and now they are making plans to stay. Having erected a fortress near Simsonville, the Salvagers continue to assault Odenville while marshaling their forces within their new base.

Some animations were fixed as well


· Changed the base poses for two-handed weapons
· Updated the grenade-throwing animation to work with the new sound.
· Updated the range of motion animations for the ATV and the MTC. You can now aim correctly on these vehicles.
· Added new hand poses for one-handed weapons.
· Updated all melee weapons to fit with the new poses.

Servers are still down as of the time of this post and the usual forum idiots are already posting things like "WUT HAPPENED TO THE 4.7656545 HOUR DOWNTIME YOU PROMISED ITS NOW 4.873434343!!!11" so I was not able to get in and take a look around. I am going to a basketball game tonight so more than likely I will not be able to login until this weekend.

For the rest of you however, enjoy the new patch.