Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Steam hardware survey results

The Steam results for January 2010 were what we could expect to see. They are up on the Steam site here:


The thing that got me was the sharp rise of Windows 7 64 bit operating systems as it creeps up behind 32 bit XP. Windows XP 32 bit still sits at 42% of the machines surveyed but Windows 7 64 bit made a steep climb up almost 4 % passing Vista and grabbing almost 20% of the machines.

Anyway just something to skim over during what has been a slow week for me here at The Banstick.
Each month, Steam collects data about what kinds of computer hardware our customers are using. The survey is incredibly helpful for us as game developers in that it ensures that we're making good decisions about what kinds of technology investments to make. Making these survey results public also allows people to compare their own current hardware setup to that of the community as a whole.