Friday, February 26, 2010

Warhammer 40k: The new army

It had been quite a long while since I had played Warhammer 40K. In fact my last game was with my Grey Knight army against some Tyranids that my friend played over 3 years ago. I had sold off a lot of my 40K stuff, as I became enamored with Warmachine and its playstyle over the weird rules that 40K used. Eventually though all my miniature gaming died off thanks to World of Warcraft and its life sucking habits. I lost touch with my gaming group and sold off a majority of my collections.
So it was last weekend that I entered the GW Battle Bunker (Chicago location) to scope out a sale going on and to see a friend of mine that worked at that location. Oddly enough I ended up NOT really buying any of the sale items and instead walked out with a small restart to the game in the form of an Eldar attack force. The Eldar army was the FIRST army that I built back in 1995 and the first army I really played. I had since gotten away from them and with their new codex I wanted to try the new rules and really get into some of those new models. (MORE after the break)

The only two sale items I got were the new Eldar codex for 5 dollars, and an HQ for my Eldar force in the form of a Autarch with Swooping Hawk wings for 10 dollars. The rest of the merchandise was purchased all brand new at the scary GW prices. Yes I could have ordered this stuff from a store like Chaos Mail Order but I really wanted to get a start today and also wanted to throw some business at my friend's store. I usually never buy anything from an actual GW store but I was feeling generous today and honestly I didn't spend that much.

Of course the Craftworlds have all but been removed from the force building part of the codex, but it still comes into consideration with the look and theme of the army.

Here is the way I started working the core of my new army.

10 Dire Avengers

2 Wave Serpents

2 squad of rangers

1 squad of Swooping Hawks (the leader will be attached to this unit)

I also got a brand spanking new hardcover rulebook (version 4 is pictured that is not the new one) since I had sold my other one and it was trashed anyway. Topped off with some super glue I was ready to start building and priming. Later on I will start to update how the progress of my army is coming along. I should be able to get a game in sometime mid March with my buddy that has a huge finished basement and a kick ass gaming table.

Warhammer 40K 5th edition is out and some things have changed a lot in the new rules. For example:

Scoring Units
Another significant change has taken place in how you work out who controls objectives. Only Troops choices can claim an objective now. Additionally, it makes no difference now how many casualties a unit has suffered - as long as it has a single model remaining it can contest or claim the objective.

Going to Ground
We've all experienced that moment in a game of Warhammer 40,000, where our unit of warriors is getting pummelled by incredible amounts of firepower and you can't help but wish your models could hunker down just a bit deeper into cover to weather the storm. Well, now they can. When you're fired at (but before the shots are resolved), you may opt for your soldiers to 'go to ground'. Units that do this may not act in their following turn, however they gain +1 to their cover save - imagine that they're burying their faces in the dirt and praying to whatever gods they worship for mercy!

and more...

You can read all the changes here at the GW site: