Monday, March 1, 2010

At last I was free again: no MMO subs

Free from MMO's at last. After bouncing around and not really finding anything that kept me glued to the computer (and a nice 2 week break due to the Olympics) I realized that we take this MMO business a little too seriously and realized how much time I was wasting sitting in front of my computer playing these things.

So I am done, all subs are canceled and I managed to continue working on my Warhammer 40K army. Oh yes I am still playing computer games but being able to pick up multiple titles and play at leisure has afforded me the ability to finish titles I have long since neglected.

My major games at this time are Company of Heroes (all expansions), Dawn of War 2 (new expansion gold), Dawn of Discovery (soon with Venice) some turn based wargames (like Field of Glory) and first person shooters. Coupled with NHL 10 on the XBOX 360 along with some major face time at the local hobby store and I am BACK on track with doing what I love. Too long I say around and moped and complained about a lack of opponents for my favorite hobby (Warhammer 40k miniature gaming). I constantly look through my old gaming club photos from 2004-2006 and the GenCon pictures and bemoan my lost friends and fun times.

So I simply took some steps this past week to contact some of them and strike up the old gang. Get the "crew" back again and see who was still playing and who still had the time. Sadly only two responded that they would be able to play at least twice a month but that is a start. From there you get out from behind the keyboard and you make contacts and you meet new friends. Then soon enough you see that the petty arguments over MMO 20 dollar storage bags and no death penalties in a science fiction game seemed pointless things to argue about over and over again.

For me, at my age, it is about getting out of the house again and using my BRAIN once more. Using time to sit back and create and paint and model and be a huge nerd but with a job to pay for my nerdy hobby. Fun times ahead once more. Sometimes you just have to walk away.

Readers must realize that this whole MMO thing and blogging was new to me as of 2007. I had played MMO's since 1999 sure, but they were an afterthought. For most of my time it was either EQ1 and miniature gaming. I do not seek to get into the industry by talking about every MMO likes it is great and I may step on toes but honestly if a game sucks I will simply say it sucks. Now however as I seek to move on and play more board based games I will have a LOT more to talk about. I will have a lot more to write about and I look forward to it. I also have 3 years of battle reports saved from 2004-2007 to draw from should I need to mention things.

Less MMO coverage is not a bad thing for there are plenty of other things to talk about.