Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cadians and Battle Missions downloadable content

Hudson again. 2nd article this week something must have gotten me fired up. The past few weeks have seen a flurry of activity on my end regarding finding old links, getting back up to speed with the local hobby scene and trying to get my army painted and ready for some weekend play next month.

Although I have an Eldar army there is no secret being withheld that I was also a Imperial Guard lover at heart. I am a huge mechanized army fan which is why I play Panzergrenadiers in Flames of War. I also wanted to start a "horde" type army (in 40k terms this means an army with a ton of models on the board rather than a few really point expensive models) and that was going to be Imperial Guard.

I had sold my old army back 4 years ago but then I hated the codex and I hated the models I had and the second hand crappy tanks I had gotten on EBAY. This time around, with the 40k scene exploding on EBAY and YouTube, I could actually order bits (small modeling pieces that can be used to expand a unit or add to a figure) and start my vehicle collection fresh with new rereleases GW had put out. I also did not like my old color scheme. This time around I am going to go easier to paint but more bland and earthy. When you have over 80 little faces to paint the Cadian army is not fun.

An Imperial Guard Cadian army is big and a huge time sink (Cadia is the the homeworld of the priemier Imperial Guard battle unit) so collecting this will take months. I will start by sniping good deals on EBAY and just tossing the stuff on a shelf until I finish my Eldar. I cannot wait though as it will provide me a chance to model tanks and attack aircraft like I have never gotten to do before.

On the GW Website front they have released a PDF of a downloadable mission to add to your Battle Missions book if you have picked that up.

The mission is a Close Quarters Action mission and can be found here:

The attacker gets one HQ unit, one Elite and one troop and must clear the defender off the board. Well that is my update for today. Need to go get my taxes done and then it is a day off for me and the lady.