Monday, March 8, 2010

I still need to see that movie

So last night I sat down like most poeple and watched the spectacle and glitter that is the Oscars. Honestly I was not gonna bother watching it, but after three very frustrating matches of Modern Warfare 2, server issues on Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and finally my Xbox Live headset dying, I figure it was a sign from the gaming gods that I need to walk away for the evening.

So I grabbed my youngest and curled up in the chair and stayed up much later then I wanted to watching million dollar stars fawn and cry over a little golden man, but while watching the show it dawned on me that there was a lot of movies, that I failed to see last year.

So here is a small list of the movies I didn't see that were, I guess, Oscar Worthy.

Avatar -- Yep didn't see it! Life was very much in my way when it was released.
Blind Side -- Honestly I saw this coming and wanted to see it, but missed it when it finally hit theaters.
A Serious Man -- First time I even heard about this movie, was kinda annoyed I missed it...
Up in the Air -- I am a Clooney Fan so here is another I missed..
Crazy Heart -- Want to see the Oscar Winning Performance...Man...
Invictus -- Looked really good from the trailers.
Fantastic Mr. Fox -- See Up in the Air...
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus -- Heath's final role..
The Cove -- Documentary, looks interesting.
Food inc. -- Another Documentary. Scary!
All of the Animated Short Films -- Cause they all look amazing!

You can check out all the nominations and winners at this

So what movies did you see last night that you missed in the theaters??