Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Imperial Guard army update

Hudson here. Well that didn't take long. After much thinking and scrutinizing and playing Imperial Guard over the weekend to test out the new codex, I have shelved my Eldar for the time being and focused the past two weeks on Imperial Guard. This is an army that I played extensively toward the end of my Warhammer 40k gaming back in 2005 and I wanted to return to it but felt hampered by the amazing amount of tanks and vehicles needed.

I rectified that problem by striking some good deals on EBAY and selling off some boxed Eldar I was never going to use. This kept me in my budget and rotated my PayPal funds so that I wouldn't have to touch my "real money". I noticed that the more Eldar I wanted, the more vehicles and transports I was buying. I finally realized that I am not one for a "finesse" army and was still a treadhead and general "grunt trooper army" type of guy at heart. I was always a big fan of tanks and the more non specialist armies, but I went Eldar since I have previously bought some in 2008. Then I remembered a nice little thing called EBAY and decided to basically swap out my models. Take the money you make from selling one army, put it toward another. The beauty of Warhammer 40k. (MORE AFTER BREAK)

So this past weekend at the Chicago Bunker I went and got some advice on the painting scheme I wanted. Same as my old guard from 2005, but a more updated and dirtier looking scheme to show my men as weary and battle groggy. I liked the grey and red of the Mars Pattern but wanted to make sure it would be fast to paint. I am for all intent purposes a huge IG fan both of the lore and army in general, and the new codex fixes a lot of issues I had with the old army. Heck we even have BS 4 troop choices we can take now and some actual AP3 weapons. After playing this weekend and performing well with them I realized I had to go back to my old army instead of just playing what I was stuck with.

After some testing on a few Cadian plastic models I got my scheme down and got some paints at the Bunker on Saturday to start buckling down and getting some figures done. Basically the scheme is Mechrite Red armor and Adeptus BattleGrey for the cloth. Then I take this whole thing and put a wash of Badab Black on the model to show shadow and pull the creases in the cloth out. Touch up the details and paint the faces and I am done. Now if only I didn't have about 80 of these to paint.

For a quick reference, here are some figures I painted in 2005:

Here are the new look figures. Darker, better shaded and not the dumb green bases:

The newer figures up close (pre assembly)