Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Imperial Guard travel - the cheap way

Ok yes I have a Army Transport bag but honestly the pick and pull foam and the low budget I have right now keep me from buying more trays so I can adjust to my new army. What I needed was a cheap easy way to carry a buttload of plastic Cadians around at a moments notice and I found it last week at Hobby Lobby of all places. I know there are a ton of plastic containers out there (we actually have a Plano outlet store near me here in the Chicago area) but these were $1.99 and amazingly I originally bought them for bits and paint.

I got these home and just for the heck of it decided to see if a plastic Cadian trooper would fit inside. Low and behold THREE of them fit into one pocket and the tray even included a long slot that was perfect for either heavy weapon guns (all of mine are detachable) or standard bearers. The best thing of course is that they all fit INSIDE the Army Transport platoon bags I use and stack nicely.

Take a look if you get the chance. These are standard compartmentalized craft bead and accessory holders you see in the store. Hudson out!