Saturday, March 20, 2010

WAAAGH!!! - Ork Army update.

So last weekend, I finally played a game with my Orks. I only started the army over 5 years ago, and I FINALLY played a game.  As some of you know, I've been a tyranid player for the past 4 years....until the latest codex. Simply put, I'm shelving the bugs until the next codex, where hopefully, they'll be fixed.

So anyway, I wanted to play something other than Tyranids anyway.  I bought a large Valhallan IG army a long time ago, but again - never played it. It was an "I'll get to this later" project.  So, I followed my own advice for once. I have a ton of Ork models, and if I looked at them all, I'd probably shelf them as well.  But I didn't.  I wrote out my 500 point army list, adjusted slightly from my games last weekend and I put everything else away.  Guess what? I have 4 models left to prime. The slugga/choppa boys have their skin done. Weapons need basecoats and washes and basing needs to be done and my large infantry unit is finished.  My nobs are about 60% done (one work in progress is shown above left), and the shoota boys are cleaned (which was a MAJOR P.I.T.A.) and primed. That leaves the Trukk, Kans and 1 big shoota boy left to finish cleaning and prime.  However, the weather here went from shorts (almost 70 yesterday) to snow today, so looks like I have time to get them done before I can prime again.

The formula works, and I don't feel overwhelmed by plastic.