Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Warhammer 40K: building the Eldar army part 3

Hudson here. Just a small update on my Eldar army thus far. I have hit EBAY hard and come across a few good deals where I have saved at least 15 dollars on entire units so my army has grown by leaps and bounds.

Recently I have picked up a unit of Howling Banshees which are Eldar female hand to hand warriors that really excel at what they do. They charge into battle wearing these banshee masks that lower the fighting ability of an enemy unit and also give them a high initiative of 10. The higher the initiative in hand to hand combat the better, and 10 is as good as it gets. This means they will always attack first and just slice and dice the enemy unit they slam into. I managed to get an entire unit in the box almost brand new for HALF of what I would have paid retail.

I have also ordered off EBAY another Falcon Grav Tank (assembled but not painted and in perfect shape), two squads of the "grunts" of the Eldar army the Guardians, a couple of heavy weapons platforms and some Wraithguard. Wraithguard are slow plodding Eldar infantry that encase the souls of dead warriors in them and they sport one of the nastiest weapons in the army the dreaded Wraithcannon. These units are very expensive at 15 dollars a MODEL and I managed to get for around 12 bucks. Go me! I need more though because I want to field a big unit.

Elsewhere I spent some cash at the local GW Store in Naperville, IL and I want to give a shout out to the store manager there that helped me with some painting tips and turned me on to an awesome deal they had there for the new GW templates and in game token counters.


GW and many other miniature games have long been getting crushed by Gale Force Nine in this very department but not anymore. I am quite impressed with this token set as they are thick, sturdy and have a lot nicer look to them than the current GF9 tokens. Included is a nice turn marker also that can show day and night turns as well as some objective markers. Gale Force Nine does great work and in order to beat them you have to have QUALITY as well as good prices. The only thing the GW tokens are missing are the nice felt backings however you get more and they look more dynamic. Coupled onto this I got the new GW templates for flamer weapons and blast barrages all for 20 dollars in a combo set. I considered that a win and jumped on it.

I also picked up the new Battle Missions book which expands the types of missions one can play spices it up a bit. The book is divided up into armies and some missions for each one plus some goodies thrown in at the end.

Ok now lets get onto the painting status. The first unit I am putting together are the Dire Avengers. These troop choices (you must have 2 troop choices for a legal army) will be fielded in two groups of 10. Each unit will be led by an exarch, or basically an Eldar sergeant. My first unit is half done and below I will post the progression pictures on how it has come along.

Stage one

Stage two

Completed (only...15 more to go....)