Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hopes for a plastic Steel Legion or IG Vets? Not so fast...

While I like the new line of models put out by the Wargaming Factory they would take a quite a bit of conversion work and chopping to make them usefull in my army lists as say Veterans or anything other than regular troopers.

I like to have a lot of melta guns and special weapons and this line of troopers has pretty much a standard load out of weaponry available. Flamer, grenade launcher, laser rifle. That is about it. You can watch the review below and see what you would do to mod them up and maybe prove me wrong.

Still the idea of using them for SOMETHING in my IG army is interesting.

The line of figures go live in May and you can pre order now on their site:
18 multi-part/multi-pose hard plastic (polystyrene) 28mm future Greatcoat troopers! 6 full sprues each containing 38 parts! 228 parts per box!