Friday, May 21, 2010

Flames of War: Inexpensive entry conditions

So far the ONE box I bought for around 55 dollars is holding up and providing me with a ton of value for my money. It equals about 900 or so points, but with adding all the upgrades to my Panzer Grenadier company I can easily go over 1000. I bought one blister of Nebelwerfer rockey launchers, one blister of trucks and I had two King Tiger 1E's already. This total force equals 1465 points and I spent barely 160 dollars. A really cheap entry cost compared to some other games but of course the scale here is 15mm so it is easier to own a lot of things faster than buying individual vehicles and such.

Of course my biggest beef with Flames of War has been the assembly of the army itself. The process is not too easy and you really have to research the contents of your box set BEFORE you start to base the small 15mm soldiers. The best way to do this is using the Flames of War website which has really great information and by asking on their forums.


My list breaks down as follows:

12 SS Panzer Division Panzer Grenadier Company


“Fearless Vets”

“One Way Trip to Heaven”

Plus German abilities on page 166-168 of main rulebook


2 Panzerfaust SMG Command teams, one with KFZ15 Field car the other on Motorcylce with side car

3 sniper teams of two men

2 panzershreck teams

Platoon 1

HQ: Command Panzerfaust Team

Squad 1: MG team, Panzerfaust MG Team, Truck

Squad 2: MG Team, MG Team, Truck

Platoon 2

HQ: Command MG Team

Squad 1: MG Team, MG Team, Truck

Squad 2: Panzerfaust SMG Team, Truck


SS Anti Tank Gun Platoon

Command SMG Team

PAK 40  and truck

PAK 40  and truck

PAK 40  and truck


Rocket Artillery (1 section)

HQ: Command SMG Team


Nebelwerfer Launcher 1,

Nebelwerfer Launcher 2,

Nebelwerfer Launcher 3


Command Tank: Tiger 1 E

Heavy Tank: Tiger 1 E