Friday, May 7, 2010

Tide of Iron this weekend

With a lull leading up to the big Chi-Town Rumble next weekend (the 15th) I have been looking to get some wargaming in in the form of Tide of Iron. My copy just arrived today and this weekend I hope to get the pieces sorted out and learn the rules over at a fellow War Realmer's house.

Tide of Iron is Fantasy Flight Games World War 2 tactical combat game, a game that I beta tested at GenCon in 2006 when it didn't even have plastic pieces just cardboard counters.

Check out the support section for the game on the actual site for more info and user created scenarios. I decided to get this game ASAP since Fury of the Bear, the Eastern Front expansion, is due out soon.

Custom scenarios created by players:

As for the Chi-Town Rumble I think for my Imperial Guard list I am going to mix it up and take something completely different than what people expect of me. More details on that next week as the day draws near.

Hopefully the Chicago Battle Bunker cooperates and lets our club use the other side of the store. They do it for 15 year olds so not sure why they would not help us out a little.