Thursday, June 10, 2010

36th Annual Origin Award nominees

We are proud to announce over 3,500 events for this year's show.

To help us celebrate our 35th Anniversary, Origins is offering prize support for every event!

The "Still Rolling" program will be managed thru each event headquarters. Each event will select a player to go to the headquarters and win prizes!

We've got some great plans for 2010 - fantastic guests, exciting tournaments, the Day Pass is back.

We'll be updating the site as new plans are released so check back frequently. Don't forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter.

Origins Game Fair ( has announced the following nominees for the 36th Annual Origins Awards

Card Game

The Isle of Dr. Necreaux - Alderac Entertainment Group

Martian Fluxx - Looney Labs

Poo - Catalyst Game Labs

The Stars are Right - Steve Jackson Games

Thunderstone - Alderac Entertainment Group


Board Game

Castle Panic - Fireside Games

Endeavor - Z-Man Games

Small World - Days of Wonder

Space Hulk - Games Workshop

Steam - Mayfair Games

Children's, Family, or Party Game

Are You The Traitor? - Looney Labs

Duck! Duck! SAFARI! - APE Games

Pack and Stack - Mayfair Games

Ren Faire - Atlas Games

Word on the Street - Out of the Box Publishing

Roleplaying Game

Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space - Cubicle 7 Entertainment

Eclipse Phase - Catalyst Game Labs

FantasyCraft - Crafty Games

A Song of Ice and Fire - Green Ronin Publishing

Supernatural Roleplaying Game - Margaret Weis Productions

Roleplaying Game Supplement

Big Damn Heroes Handbook - Margaret Weis Productions

The Day After Ragnarok - Atomic Overmind Press

Seattle 2072 - Catalyst Game Labs

Warriors & Warlocks - Green Ronin Publishing

Weird War II - Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Miniatures Figure or Line of Figures

Duke Rathar, Dragon Lord - Fantization Miniatures

Kings of War: Elves - Mantic Games

Marvel HeroClix: Hammer of Thor Expansion - WizKids

Monsterpocalypse Series 4 - Privateer Press

Warhammer Armies: Skaven - Games Workshop

Miniatures Rules

BattleTech: Strategic Operations - Catalyst Game Labs

HAVOC: Tactical Miniatures Warfare - Voodoo Ink Publishing

Larger Than Life - Two Hour Wargames

Warhammer 40K: Planetstrike - Games Workshop

Warmachine Prime Mk II - Privateer Press

Game Accessory

Arkham Horror Dice Set - Q-Workshop/Fantasy Flight Games

d20Pro - Mindgene, LLC

Forsaken Lands Poster Map - Maps of Mystery

Fortress of Redemption - Games Workshop

Knights of the Dinner Table - Kenzer and Company

Game-Related Book

BattleTech: 25 Years of Art and Fiction - Catalyst Game Labs

The Best of All Flesh - Elder Signs Press

Cthulhu 101 - Atomic Overmind Press

Deluge - Pinacle Entertainment Group

Legend of the Five Rings: Death at Koten - Alderac Entertainment Group

Historical Board Game or Expansion

The Hell of Stalingrad - Clash of Arms Games

Richard III: War of the Roses - Columbia Games

Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel - Academy Games

D-Day at Omaha Beach - Decision Games

Unhappy King Charles - GMT Games

Historical Miniatures Figure or Line of Figures

Wings of War Albatross D.III - Fantasy Flight Games

15mm Parachute Rifle Company - Battlefront Miniatures

15mm Ming Chinese - Old Glory Miniatures

28mm British Napoleonic Infantry - Victrix Miniatures

28mm World War I: Great War in Africa - Brigade Games

Historical Miniatures Rules

Flames of War: Open Fire - Battlefront Miniatures

Wings of War: World War II, Deluxe Edition - Fantasy Flight Games

Napoleon's Battles, 3rd Edition - Lost Battalion Games

"La Salle" Napoleonic Tactical Wargame Rules - Sam Mustafa

Warlord Games Black Powder Rulebook - Warlord Games

Historical Miniatures Rules Supplement

Flames of War: North Africa - Battlefront Miniatures

Eternal Empire: The Ottomans at War - Osprey Publishing

Battles of the Seven Years War: Austria vs. Prussia - Test of Battle


Fields of Battle: Atacar es Vencer! - Spanish Civil War 1936 - Iron

Ivan Games

Commonwealth Skirmish Scenarios - Southern Maryland Press