Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A fair and honest look at Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th edition

No...not by me. By this guy:


Plastic Legions sums it up well. If you want a game where you can calculate things down to the number, inches and predict the outcome go fucking play chess. If you want a FUN game of large monsters, magic and masses of men fighting it out on a fantasy battlefield PLAY A GAME. I am not going to defend or argue that Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition may or may not suck and I am not a fan of GW but this review (or EDITORIAL) is right on. This is a fact that many Warhammer players have forgotten. This is a fact that many miniature game players have forgotten.
Unfortunately for many, competitive miniature gaming is viewed as a sport, its all about list tailoring, number crunching, statistical analysis and game faces. GW reinforced this by pushing events like Ard'd Boyz and calling a stop to their own GT's and letting Indy RTT's take over the Tournament circuit. They gave the keys to the store, to customers to see what would happen and have realized that the thing being lost most, was the thing held dearest to them..the hobby. (yes- I know all you cynics said "money")

In closing, I'm excited about the possibilities 8th Warhammer edition brings, I still love the miniatures and in GW's own words that's the key focal point of their existence. I look forward to new events, and new takes on old events. I look forward to new ways of playing old armies, and playing new ones. Reading the book clearly does make the game sound fun!. But I also look forward to pursing other games that push more in-depth tactical and strategic thinking through their focus on rules, not just for competitive purposes but for the mental challenges that it brings. "If you want fair and nonrandom, play Chess!" I read somewhere earlier this week, If you want an epic contest of monsters, heroes and hordes of troops, in which anything can and will happen- play Warhammer!. True and fair enough. I'm looking forward to all of it.