Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gaming update

My boycott of GW has gone well. I have switched over to Vallejo paints, purged myself of all GW hobby products and gaming things and moved on to Flames of War full time. I currently own a 12th SS army (easily adaptable to any other army as well in the German scheme) and some US 2nd Armored Division starting platoons all for a fraction of the cost of GW's murderously insane franchises. Not to mention I am more a historical gamer anyway so this is more my cup of tea.

We played our first big game last Sunday and unfortunately we bit off more than we could chew. We played 2500 points and that was a bit too much as it took us until 2am to get to turn 6. Turns out that 1750 or 1500 is the usual point total so we were way in over our heads but it was a glorious battle. We had a total of 4 objectives, 2 per side and it was Germans vs Russians. I am pretty sure we got most of the rules right, but the game was so big that when we took our turns we had to move from left to right across the board and it was gigantic.

While we paint and assemble armies (we each have 2 armies so we can swap around Axis or Allies and teach others to play) we are playing boardgames and getting back into the wargaming groove.

This weekend will be Panzer Grenadier and we have coming in the mail Conflict of Heroes and Combat Commander: Europe.

I have been fairly active on the War Realm You Tube channel lately since we have decided to cancel the podcast for a bit. Doing YouTube videos allows me to show all aspects of gaming and not just miniatures. If you haven't checked it out lately head on over to our channel to see our most recent uploads.

You can also buddy me (Hudson) up at Board Gaming as the user ID Battlezone.

That's all for now more updates later!