Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Panzer Campaign Tips

These are cut and pasted from a forum post and a document gained from Glenn Saunders Panzer Campaigns fan site. Good advice and useful info all of it:

Panzer Campaign Tactics 101 (beginners)

Terrain and Defense

  • Place artillery in Towns and Woods to add defensive values

  • Dig in on high ground, woods, towns, cities,  industrial areas, and swamps.

  • Defending rivers – Dig in 1 hex behind the river.

  • Do not place defense on clear terrain.

  • 2-3 Hex defense 2 companies at front with heavy company behind and arty 3 hexes behind the initial defense

Offensive Traits

  • Protect your flanks – This will decrease chances of encirclement

  • Don’t use artillery on broken or disrupted units (waste of ammo)

  • Attack enemy that holds the least favorable terrain

  • Concentrate your forces with the correct ration of armor and infantry (10 men to 1 armor)

  • Never assault unless the unit your attacking is disrupted

  • Try and keep reserves

  • Engineer bridges with contiguous road on the other side of river

  • Analyze avenues of approach – should try to take advantage of a good road network


Other words of wisdom

  • If attacking stacks of tanks and infantry – Try and disrupt the infantry first

  • Do not assault infantry alone in good defensive position with your armor unless they are disrupted

  • Attack enemy that holds the least favorable terrain

  • Attack armor with infantry only in non clear hexes

  • Your units will fatigue more when traveling at night

  • Analyze avenue of approach


DIVISIONAL Movement was introduced in France 40 and is designed to move units of a single division (use the Div Marking ON - color), along a road.

We always had AI movement but generally it doesn't work that great and people get frustrated that the path doesn't go the way they thought it should or maximize the MPs to the absolute fullest.

So, for units of the same divisianal color, on a road and in T mode, you simply put your cursor in the lead units hex. DO NOT select any units in the hex, just put the hotspot there.

Then Hold the ALT Key and right click on another road hex ahead of your column and the formation moves forward along the riad.

NOTE - the movement breakdowns when: - a unit NOT of the formation messes up the color - a Corp unit or a unit from another division cannot be in the column at all. - also, the column may become fragmented as the lead unit will always go as far as possible if you click on a hex in excess of the movement rate, but the units in the rear fo the column might have to cross more rivers and so they might not always get as far as the units at the front of the column.

Keep in mind this rule was establicjed in France 40 where many German units start on the map edge in coloum or enter on the map in column as the units move through the Ardennes road net. And here it is important to keep roads open if you want to avail yourslef of this tyoe of movement, So the player is running his road net like a rail line.