Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Panzergrenadier HQ goes live at last

The ONLY site on the web for Panzer Grenadier players to meet and share war stories, find scenarios and errata and record After Action Reports is live. A very niche game, Panzer Grenadier is a WW2 board wargame by Avalanche Press that is prized for its expandability and scenario library.

Drop by Panzergrenadier HQ and sign up if you are a player or to just read the great replays that have been posted there already.

Panzergrenadier main site:
After ten months, hundreds of hours of study and programming (I had to learn it all from scratch), and a tremendous data entry effort from a volunteer team of hardcore PG fans - I proudly present Panzer Grenadier Headquarters to the world. It is certain that a real programmer could have created far better, far more quickly. My site is humble, and of uneven quality. But it's real, it's here, and it's for you.

At your fingertips are every game, scenario, map, and unit ever released - and much, much more. And yet, intellectual property has been protected. The core requirements to play a scenario - map orientations, starting locations, OOB unit counts, and victory conditions - have been strategically omitted. Even with PG-HQ's vast library, you cannot play a single scenario you don't own.