Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vanguard goes to one server

The long struggling MMO Vanguard is finally being reduced to one server in July:
Beginning July 7th, 2010 at approximately 10:00 AM PDT, we will start the process of merging the three current U.S. servers of Telon into one server. It is our hope that this integration will result in a more consistent and higher player population which will, in turn, lead to an even more enjoyable and beneficial player experience.

Additionally, scheduled in August, SOE is planning to merge the Halgar server into the consolidated server mentioned above. Please read the forums for the specific date and downtime, as it is yet to be determined. Please note that the processes outlined in this email will occur for both the July and the August server merge; if you have further questions regarding the implications of the two scheduled consolidations, please read VGPlayers.com.

We estimate a downtime of 24 hours to complete each of the two the merges respectively.

Help determine Vanguard’s future! We'll be hosting a poll on the Vanguard forums, beginning Tuesday June 8th, to determine the new name of the consolidated world server. Click on the button below to give your input and vote for your favorite!