Thursday, July 15, 2010

Champions Online tips

I picked up Champions Online on Steam a while back for 7 dollars and have played about 60 hours so far. My highest character just hit 17 the other day and is a might build. Basically he goes in like the Hulk and just beats the crap out of things.

In the 60 hours that I have played I have to admit I like the game and the amount of action that you get while you are in combat and how it feels. Yes a lot of the missions are repetitive and yes the indoor instances are usually setup the same (the new expansion Serpents Lair is a repeat fest over and over) but it is hella fun to play and that's what I was missing in my MMO's the past few years.

When the game first came out it was really really terrible. So terrible in fact that after the beta I canceled my pre order and let that title go back in the oven. Over the past few months it has gotten to what I consider release level quality and now I am glad I gave it a shot again. The might build in Champions was fixed recently and it now does what I wanted to do in City of Heroes: gives me great offensive output numbers and does not make me gimp. If you watch some of the videos on my YouTube channel you can see that nothing gives a better thrill than knocking people halfway across the map on a massive uppercut punch. That is what I was missing in my superhero games.

I have used a few posts and important articles to get me back in the swing of things and I would like to link them here:

The 2.o Stat Guide posted by Sarion:

Framework Summaries: A Guide to Power Synergies post by Willblack

Auto targeting in CO posted by Shackle:

Another thing I did: ignore the mathhammers and the min/maxers and just make characters you like. If you hang out on the boards long enough in the POWERS forums you will start to get a feeling that what you picked may suck.

Use my old addage: I make characters based on themes and backgrounds. If I cannot find a power that matches the idea in my head I scrap it. Have fun with the game and do not let it dictate how you play.