Monday, July 26, 2010

EQ2 to sport new interface changes soon

A lot of people, myself included, use a totally different interface set than the default EQ2 one which has been lacking for a few years now.

The devs at Sony Online want to change that and here are a few changes to the interface that are heading toward the way of the players: (all of this taken from an interview found here:

  • First, there’s a complete reskin of our textures to freshen up the default interface.

  • All icon sheets and icon frames have gotten rounded edges which really softens up the UI and looks nice.

  • The inventory window is gone and has been merged with the Persona window.

  • The XP window has been overhauled and now acts as a navigation bar in addition to displaying XP.

  • We’ve merged the clock into the mini-map and removed the separate clock window. The map also displays compass directions and the compass window will no longer be visible by default for new users.

  • The hotbar windows have been cleaned up so they now default to the original icon size which makes them look sharper.

  • When you hit F10 to show window frames on all windows, you can now freely move the windows around even if they are locked and click-through.

  • The effects and detriments windows have had their icons shrunk to be the same size as the new maintained window.

  • We dropped the LFG and Friends buttons from the group window and made quite a few small changes like this to clean things up.

  • The tutorial triggers (purple question marks) now display the tooltip next to the icon so you can see what its about.

  • There’s a new tutorial system that shows for new users.

  • There are other bits of functionality that will happen automatically like displaying quest POI’s and regions in the mini-map.