Thursday, July 1, 2010

Field of Glory patched gloriously

Today Slitherine announced that Field of Glory PC, their digital version of the miniatures wargame system, has been patched to 1.2.8. This new version adds a ton of new features. For those curious about the game you can see a write up we did here a while back:

For information on the patch head over to the Slitherine site:

Patch features:

  • There is now a "Check for Updates" button on the main menu. This removes the need to download and install patches manually – it is all automated to ensure you get the latest version.

  • 17 new battles.

  • Double moves have been added. These allow strategic redeployment of troops within command radius but not close to any enemy.

  • Fog of War has been improved so that it’s possible to conceal lines of troops behind each other.

  • The evade logic has been changed to make it much more realistic.

  • Many AI improvements to make it select better combats, avoid combats it will not win and control its skirmishers better.