Friday, July 16, 2010

Field of Glory PC expands to over 900 units

Field of Glory, the ancients battle system game for the PC based off the miniatures set released by Slitherine, has now expanded a 3rd time with Immortal Fire.
"Immortal Fire covers the armies of the Classical and Hellenistic eras from the development of the hoplite system in Greece in the 7th century BC until the Hellenistic successor kingdoms of the 3rd century BC. Fight battles with a huge variety of armies in conflicts ranging from wars between Greek city-states and against the mighty Achaemenid Persian Empire. Alexander the Great fans will be particularly exhilarated as they take part in the Greek counter-offensive against Persia, or even the wars of Alexander’s successors!"

A massive patch has been released to accompany this update as well. This patch adds AI improvements, new moving tactics and much more. For all the details see the product page here.