Tuesday, July 20, 2010

GMT publications announces tentative lineup

GMT, one of the premiere board wargaming companies out there right now, has announced their lineup and what you the wargamer can look forward to at year's end and starting early in 2011.

Fighting Formations, the highly anticipated release by Combat Commander designer Chad Jensen, has been delayed a bit to work out some kinks. Here is the full release update and you can read the letter AFTER the break...
We have just a couple changes in the Fall lineup this time. Chad wanted a bit more time for Fighting Formations in final production and we're happy to oblige, as this game looks REALLY cool and we want to make sure we get it right.

We happened to have Spanish Civil War a bit ahead of schedule on the final component front, so we have slotted it for the November slot vacated by Fighting Formations.

Note, as always, that this schedule is subject to change, and that those games that are listed furthest in the future are the most subject to production timeline changes. Enjoy the games!

So here's what the current production schedule looks like:

Early August:
Normandy '44
Germantown, 1777
C3i Issue #24

Late August:
Dominant Species

September: 5 x Reprints. Specifically:

Flying Colors: Thicker Counters, Thicker box, no price change

Here I Stand: Larger 3" spine box, Mounted map, Thicker counters, Two player variant and cards

Manoeuvre: Thicker counters

Paths of Glory: Mounted map, Thicker counters, Thicker box

Sword of Rome: Mounted map, Thicker counters, 5th player expansion included
Barbarossa: Crimea
Labyrinth: The War on Terror

Commands & Colors: Napoleonics
Spanish Civil War

January, 2011:
Fighting Formations

February, 2011 (partial):
Case Yellow
Online Interactive Demos of Our Games!

Just a reminder that we do weekly only demonstrations of our games via Vassal and our Ventrilo webserver. Joel Toppen does a terrific job of organizing and implementing these events for us. We invite you to pick one that's interesting to you and join us online soon! Here's what Joel has cooking for the next couple of weeks:

On Tuesday, July 20 at 8:30 pm Eastern Time: We will be hosting a LIVE demo of Mark Miklos' new Battles of the American Revolution series title, Pensacola! You can download the VASSAL module from this link.

On Thursday, July 22, at 8:30pm Eastern Time: We will be hosting a LIVE demo of Stephen Welch's GBOH title, "Chandragupta!" You can download the VASSAL module from this link.

On Thursday, August 5 (time to be determined): We will be hosting a LIVE demo of Chad Jensen's new game, "Fighting Formations!" Stay tuned for more details.

In The Pipeline: We're also working on demos of Chariots of Fire, Simple GBOH, Red Winter, 1809, Pax Baltica, and more!
Don't Forget to Check our website Specials Page for Great Deals on Summer Sales Items!

This is the spot on our website where you will find what are generally overstock items at GREAT prices! Currently, this page details 25+ games that you can get at DEEP discount prices this summer, while supplies last. The most recent additions to the list are:

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Kutuzov Retail $65 Sale Price $35
Pacific Typhoon Retail $40 Sale Price $20
Samurai Retail $65 Sale Price $35
Only a Few of Hexasim's Games Left in Stock!

It's been less than a month since we received our restock shipment for 150 each of Hexasim's two terrific games, Liberty Roads and Kawanakajima, 1561, and already Kawanakajima, 1561 is out of stock.

We still have about a dozen copies of Liberty Roads in the warehouse. If you want one, get it soon, as we understand we most likely will not get another restock order on these unless or until Hexasim reprints them.
Counter Trays Back in Stock!

One of our consistently popular accessory items is our set of ten Counter Trays with lids. We recently received a restock shipment of these, so they are again available for order on our website. The price is $18 + shipping for a set of ten counter trays.