Thursday, July 29, 2010

Star Trek Online price drop, Fallen Earth patch

Two stories for the price of one.

First Star Trek Online's full game price is now $19.99. They also got a mega patch yesterday entitled Season: Two.

There are just too many MMO's out there and Star Trek had to go off my list for now. Between boardgaming, computer games, TV and all that crap I just do not have time to keep up with all these games because I don't have that much free time anymore. For patch details here is the hyperlink:

In other news another MMO near and dear to me that I had to stop playing due to time and money constraints is Fallen Earth and they have patched their client as well.

The Fallen Earth patch has a few common MMO features just now added but overall looks good. For more details on the patch read more of the story.

A plague has wiped out the peaceful Gorillas of Monkeytown. Alpha Titus is looking for clones to uncover the origins of the lethal disease while the Techs and Vistas try to clean up the area and prevent the plague from transitioning from simian to human.
Quarantine adds all new missions, with an instance for level 30, 40 and 50 and a repeatable town event with new item rewards
Vehicle Color Customization:
Want to give your wasteland wheels that true personal touch? Using the garage manager and paint kits that are crafted or found in the expansive wilds of Fallen Earth, you can create your own signature color combination. All vehicles can be painted with the exception of Promotional Vehicles.
Minor Respec:
Unspend 5 AP to adjust your character's stats and skills. These special Recombinant Injectors are available on level-appropriate Mutagenics merchants throughout the Province.
PvP Flagging:
It's now possible to flag for PvP combat anywhere you want in the world of Fallen Earth!
New Extended Tutorial:
After completing the main tutorial, players arriving in their starter towns will discover a new action-driven series of missions that serve as an extended tutorial. You'll be thrown right into the fight against deadly bandits and thugs threatening the LifeNet regen pods. Through the course of the mission series, you'll learn some useful skills and earn your first horse!
Clan Wars:
Added a new effect called Clan Wars Immunity for when players are killed during a Clan War. This effect is visible to players, removable, and only lasts 3 minutes. When a player is killed three times in a row, they become an invalid Clan War target until it expires or the player removes the effect by right-clicking on it.
World PvP Flag:
Now players are able to flag for PvP anywhere in the wasteland. Enable this by typing /pvp in the chat bar.