Thursday, July 29, 2010

WoW has ruined the chance for anything to succeed

Look what WoW has done to the MMO community. Ruined all these great games…

It is so bad that old time MMO vets refuse to play WoW because it is WoW. They are on a great crusade to purposely avoid it. To slander it and to ridicule its player base (Syncaine).  Yet at 15 dollars a month it is still facing no issues. Will anything end the 6 year reign of tyranny this game has wrought upon our community?

People leave WoW, go back, then leave when some new "great MMO" releases, and then go back leaving said great MMO empty and barren and forced to go Free To Play.

Every week some MMO has a welcome back program, a free trial, a price drop all as if waving their arms in the air saying "HEY LOOK OVER HERE REMEMBER US??? OTHER GAMES!??"

And then what happens? Blizzard drops Starcraft 2 and 1.8 million units in sales on us. Then another MMO will release and guess what? Diablo 3 will hit. Another MMO will release and then the WoW Expansion will hit.

I give up. There is no fighting the beast. And through all the Blizzard smiles and keeps that monthly fee price program chugging right along.

At some point someone...somewhere has to break this reign of terror. Even the chat rooms of other games are full of WoW comparisons, jokers bragging about only being there while WoW servers are down, or someone just popping in for a free 10 days. It never ends. 3 years ago I thought it would end. But it has not ended. It keeps going and going everyday in every general chat in every game I have played lately. It....never....ends.

I read post after post about EQ2's new free program and I have to say "Didn't we all see it coming?" but then Sony does it and they do it WEIRD. Is it me or does an MMO only stand a chance of competing with WoW unless it is free to play?

I have a feeling that some developers are actually rushing to release their MMO's before the next WoW expansion hits so that they can build a playerbase. Well..that will not work. Starcraft2 underwent a beta longer than some so called triple A MMO's and that right there is the first thing someone needs to look at it. Stop announcing release dates and adopt the Blizzard policy of when we get it done. Until then these other games will just continue to draw comparisons to the juggernaut.

I hate seeing all these other games lose population and close down and just give up. If the MMO is the least bit complicated or in depth or mature it gets slandered and doesn't even stand a chance. Got me. I guess this is why I just stepped away from it all.