Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DungeonQuest rules are online for download

The next big Fantasy Flight game, dungeon crawler DungeonQuest for 1-4 players, is about to hit the shelves soon and while I doubt it will be on time for GenCon the company has made the rules available for download on the official site:


The great thing about this boardgame is that it can be played solo because as you move forward you reveal tiles in the dungeon so each game is random and you never know what you may encounter as you delve deeper.
"When a hero moves into a space, he or she must encounter it (first placing a new Dungeon tile if the space was previously unexplored). We’ve already seen the dangers of one tile, the Spider Web. This glutinous lair has become the final resting place of many unwary adventurers who, once trapped, lacked the strength to free themselves. Should your hero need to cross this tangled mass, a test of strength is necessary... simply roll two dice. If the resulting sum is higher than your hero’s Strength rating, you have failed and become trapped in the web. You may, however, attempt to break free on your next turn by repeating the test."

Overall the title looks great and I do want to pick it up at some point.