Monday, August 16, 2010

Stuff that helps me play RPG's via the web

Been running a small play by post Pathfinder campaign. I put up a message board and installed some nice tools like spoiler text, a built in die roller and things like that and I am running a forum based Pathfinder campaign and testing that out with a buddy of mine. We also messed around with Map Tool which allows a person to remotely connect and move his map piece around and roll dice and such.

Tools for playing RPG games via the internet have gotten vast improvements over the years and now with Skype or Ventrilo you can pretty much run any D&D or whatever session over the web.

I still prefer play by post however archaic that may seem. Sure it takes longer but you want to write and have a good record of things I find it nice and accommodating. Plus you can update on your time and there is no sitting at the PC for hours.

What I do like to use though is Map Tool (at to make my maps, them post them on the forums. You can even scan in an old module you like, slap a grid with coordinates on it and use that.

The program is easy to learn and you can download a massive amount of icons, tokens, set pieces and other things from their site.

I have done some research on other items and some you may want to look at are:

Roleplay Market


a simple VTT with some PF support.

Open RPG

D20 Pro

Important Things to remember:

* To play in d20Pro monthly games all you need is an internet connection, a computer, and d20Pro.
* It is 100% FREE to play!!!

Fantasy Grounds

Battlegrounds Links

Map Tool