Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The case for WAR: Warhammer Online retrospect

Eurogamer has posted an interview with Eugene Evans and Carrie Gouskos to discuss the state or Warhammer Online. From visiting complainers in the Warhammer Alliance forums this is what I gather the state of the game to be in:
"The PVE is useless, Asian premades dominating the RvR, dungeons are empty, no one runs raids, everyone just hangs out in instanced scenarios and you have no hope of catching up."

Those are the typical whines I see. However I will judge for myself in the upcoming days. I feel you need to get past the FREE first Tier 1 to really see how bad the game is. So that is what I intend to do. In celebration of the 8th edition of the Warhammer Fantasy Miniatures game being released (we all DO remember this is based off a miniatures game that 80% of the players don't even know about right?) I will attempt to see if WAR even lives up to the universe it is supposedly based off of.

I do reserve the right to STOP at anytime I am forced to solo constantly (I don't play MMO's to solo it is retarded), get owned by clans that make premades and the game does not allow the player that is not guilded a chance in hell to catch up (World of Warcraft has these things called badges...look it up Mythic), or lag or other game related issues make it unplayable.

Next week I will give this game another shot after 2 years. I will choose Iron Rock for Order and Badlands for Chaos (because they win everything). Lets see how this pans out. The problems I remember are numerous. Population imbalances, total lop sided faction controls, poor class balance, dead low end content with maybe one or two people in your area at once, gold spammers out the wazoo and terrible customer support all must be erased from my memory!

As for the interview here is what the corporate types had to say:
"The important thing is, we're coming up to two years since the game was released. We're still running it. The game is profitable. We have a team that's engaged in it. We're seeing a great response from the community as they rediscover the game.

When we launched we were up against the biggest competitor in the business, and arguably one of the biggest franchises in our business, with World of Warcraft. That was a huge challenge."