Friday, September 24, 2010

Star Trek Online State of the Game
Here are the goals we have for the KDF (and, really, any new faction we add):

  • Solid PvP experience - We want all factions to have awesome PvP maps with sought-after rewards. We want the queues to work and the gameplay modes to be fun.

  • Faction-specific PvE episodes – We recognize that the KDF needs flavorful episodes that bring out the story and point of view of that faction.

  • Strong selection of ships – The KDF needs to have a solid variety of options when it comes to PvP, not only visually but functionally.

  • Fun leveling progression – Leveling a KDF character can be painful compared to the Feds and it needs to be fun instead of a grind.

  • Equal access to new stuff – We want to ensure that all STFs, Fleet Actions, Featured Episodes and any other cool new features are built to be played and make sense for the KDF.

We can achieve these goals. We have the plan to do it and recognize that the KDF isn’t there yet. Leveling a KDF character isn’t as fun as leveling a Fed. There are very few faction-specific episodes. There is a lack of ship variety and there are several features such as Memory Alpha that the KDF doesn’t even have access to. Our goal is to address all of those issues.