Thursday, October 14, 2010

CIV 5 upcoming patch plans

Just a few of the changes 2K plans to make in the upcoming patch. You can read them all HERE.


  • Fix for production prompt that sometimes appears with newly created puppet states that could stop the player from being able to end the turn.

  • Aircraft banner corrections – now when you rebase an aircraft, the number will move with it.

  • Resource icons now come up with Ctrl-R again, instead of sharing the same button with Build Roads.

  • Selecting a great general will no longer cause yield icons to appear.

  • Added option to disable auto-unit cycling.

  • Fix for full-screen game when running dual monitors. Previously, the curser could scroll off the “open” side, and not be able to scroll the map in that direction.

  • Misc additional fixes to mouse controls, and other interface issues.

  • Rounded out financial information in the Economic Overview screen. Details now provided on the amount of gold provided by each city, the cost of buildings in each city, etc.

  • Auto-populate save menu with save file name

  • Allow selection of other cities by hex from within the city screen

  • Added detailed trade route info to Economic Overview screen