Monday, November 8, 2010

A game crappier than Shadowbane? Yup its Darkfall Online

What a cess pool this garbage title is turning out to be. As if its pre teen angst filled hoody wearing player population wasn't enough we have an entire blogger so obsessed over it he actually advertises for the product on the website. What a joke. Hey pal here is a newsflash. You are backing one of the most retarded least played MMO's in the industry. Spamming your blog with anti Blizzard hate and throwing in keywords to get more hits won't do you any good once the shitty title you back goes under. I hadn't followed it since its launch because...well who cares about Darkfall....but going over to Metacritic and catching up on the game gave me a few minutes of some good laughs.

Other sites have summed up its problems.
What may be the Worst Executed MMORPG launch ever and major pre-order difficulties. Long Queue times and server downtime and rampant cheating and hacks in Darkfall. Darkfall Team over-reacted to server crash frustration and some GM accusations banning people left and right and with some very poor customer support. Next the Darkfall Team got really nasty saying “Those that don’t take our word for it, will be banned like those banned today.” – Darkfall Online Team

Take a look at some of the recent reviews the so called "revamped" Darkfall is getting:
"Great concept, but terrible overall technical realization. Graphics is good but uninspiring, animations are bad, sounds are ROFLMAO, combat system is clunky, city building is "meh", crafting is non-existant, skill system is grindy and lacking on variety."

Summarized nicely by users Marcus J and H S. My problems are antiquated graphics, no 64 bit platform support, shoddy animations, unbalanced magic classes, a grind that would give EvE a run for its money, worst customer relations for any mmo * a month without a new update for example *, inane travel options with nothing to bridge the world together, pointless ship mechanics, pointless personal housing, and a quickly fading server population in short are all the problems with this below-mediocre game. Good luck staying afloat Aventurine you will certainly need it.

Half developed pile of crap. Not ready for release and probably just short few months until it closes. Worst community of inbred degenerates on the internet. If we ordered the userbase of DF to death it would only improve our gene pool.

It goes on and on. Minus the 20 or so readers of that dumb asses blog you can pretty much see the total hate for the game. Keep on chugging dude. By reading over your content not only are you a wanna be miniature gamer that probably was in diapers when Warhammer Fantasy was released but you back some really shitty computer titles as well. Great taste ya got there!