Saturday, November 20, 2010

Aion has a lot to learn for a new player

This game is not for the timid and certainly not for the casual at heart. This makes it a uphill struggle for any former WoW playing retard that joins the game. A recent podcast, Grind It Out, had a great quote in their episode 15. About 9 minutes in it was said that "90-98% of the WoW playerbase does not know how to play their class" and I have to agree.

WoW's ease of play breeds morons. This is a fact. Aion is not an easy game and is very geared toward supporting other players and working together much like Everquest 1 used to be. Remember communities in MMOs folks? Yeah I bet many of you dont since you are post 2004 WoW babies. But I do REMEMBER communities and people working together and I do remember MMO's being hard and that is what I miss. Aion fits that bill well. Aion is not easy, but it is not hard like pre 2004 MMO's. It is a great in between game and fits my needs well. You can die easily if you are not careful, you need to WORK for your gear, you need to pay attention and most of all you need to not be an idiot.

Aion caught a lot of flack about a month after it launched and over the past year it lost a lot of people but I am approaching it from a new standpoint and I have to say I wish I had stayed in the game when it launched instead of falling for Blizzard's shit and going back to WoW. I recently hit level 10 on my new Templar and level 10 on my new Cleric. My girlfriend has a level 10 sorcerer and when she is not on I play my alts. My goal is to get all my alts out of Poeta (the starter island) and have them all ready to level up and go.

Want pictures? Check out the Blunt Force Gamer Picasa account. I will update as my travels continue.

As far as WoW goes I am done. WoW does lead all MMO's in technology. I will miss the ease of getting dungeon groups with that PUGinator I won't lie. Nothing beats logging in and knowing you will get a group in 10-15 minutes even as DPS. Now in Aion it is back to LFG spam and begging for group invites. I am used to it though I used to do in Everquest all the time. Still I will miss Blizzard's innovation but I have come to realize what I hate most about WoW isn't the game it is the whiny crying little bitch ass people that play and suck 99% of the time. Sure I may be elitist and need a harder game but I freely admit that. I don't like my MMO's easy, never have. Never will. Time to not follow the sheep blindly and get out of dodge before Cataclysm brings in a whole new slew of level 1 morons.