Monday, November 15, 2010

Are you a pre 2004 MMO player or a post 2004 MMO player?

So which is it? Are you part of the "MMO school of hard knocks pre World of Warcraft generation" or are you a post 2004 casual "whinebag must have quests directing me everywhere and must get equal loot even though I cannot play as much generation"? You tell me. I have been MMO gaming since 1999. I don't like the way they have gone since EQ1 faded from the spotlight and I sure as hell do not like where they are going. The population of World of Warcraft or many of its clones is enough to make me want to vomit on a daily basis since the games are full of idiots but at least some titles have a population that is still mature (Fallen Earth). I find the harder the game and the less hand holding involved the more mature the player base.

Old school players had corpse runs, were afraid of dying, worked to get gear and raided without Ventrilo or voice chat as a crutch. Sure technology has improved the games but do you like the hand holding? I still play EQ1 every now and then because it is HARD. Much like Fallen Earth has a degree of depth but is still too easy to solo in.

So which generation are you? Old school or new school?

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