Sunday, November 28, 2010

Avoid the Massively MMO news site as it is pure journalistic garbage

With its click to read ads and now spamerific Joystiq support the site has become a cess pool of shitty free to play articles and content written by MMO noobs that have lost all touch with the games they are covering. In general most the advice they give is either wrong or downright out of date for the premium MMO's and their free to play coverage includes some games that many do not even consider MMO worthy.

Almost as bad as Ten Ton Hammer (but not quite) the site has taken on the keen ability to simply grab content from other sites, post a quip then claim it as a new article on their front page.The only issue with Ten Ton Hammer is you have to click 5 times or so to get to the actual article so that they can collect advertising per click on their site.

Massively has always had the worst commentators and the most mundane articles but now more than ever it is and should be the last place a true MMO gamer should get their information.

Instead of wading through the contrived articles and low knowledge writers the site sports the best way to get information on the game you are playing is to go directly to the site of the game. Follow the devs on Twitter, check them out on Facebook, do a little legwork for yourself and learn about your game. Don't accept the tripe on Massively to be the ultimate truth.

Along with their ridiculously noobish articles comes their even more ridiculous podcast with their so called "experts" that host an hourly long synopsis on why they cant level in a game or some games are too hard and no one should be forced to pay subscription fees. Not only do they play the worst games on the market they are terrible at what they do and totally out of sync with the majority of the MMO players. I guess if you play a game one hour a day and hate using your wallet to subscribe to anything from HBO to MMO's then this may be the best podcast in the world for you. Otherwise take a pass on it and spend your time with other quality casts devoted to the game you are playing.

Massively has done as much work to dumb down the MMO community and create a cadre of whining casual players as World of Warcraft has and frankly it is a shame that they have as many followers as they do. I could run circles around all those asstards in any MMO conversation. Get me on there Shawn Schuster and I will take great pride in exposing your weak gaming knowledge to everyone that listens to that banal podcast. Then I can take the show over and turn it around to a real source for gamers.