Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Champions Online Demonflame walkthrough

Our second YouTube video shows a small walk through of the new Champions Online adventure pack called Demonflame. This is a module that you can solo or tackle as a team but a lot of people are confused as to how to start it off. In this video I simply logged in after a 5 month break and went through the paces of getting the quest and recording it.

Demonflame was just released and has the following features (my comments in red):

Explore the chaotic expanses of the Qliphotic Realm and its towering demon spires (this is not really that expansive. Basically it is a very arid zone with little to see or do but it is a nice touch. I feel this could have been better populated)

Champions from levels 11-40, solo or with friends, can play Demonflame. The challenge will scale to match your play style. (this is true I was able to complete most of it so far at level 11 and one guy at level 17 all melee based. You will need some way to tackle packs of mobs though)

Encounter the villains of DEMON, including Jack Fool, The Left Hand and the master magus Luther Black. (haven't gotten here yet)

Earn UNTIL Merits from Project Hermes to buy special costume pieces, action figures, devices and more. (blah blah been there done that with the serpent module)

I like these little one off adventures and I like the fact it scales to meet your playstyle. I had fun for as much as I have done and I have not finished the whole thing yet. I will leave that spoiler for you all to discover.