Monday, November 8, 2010

Champions Online F2P info minus the Ten Ton Hammer bullshit

I don't like Ten Ton Hammer. I never have. Their articles, while not as trite and stupid as say Massively.coms, are usually worthless and full of full page ads and marketing links you have to click several times just to get to the meat of the story. That out of the way they do score some interviews that matter, and unlike Massively they actually write their own stuff rather than poach from other sites and simply reword a few things.

Recently Ten Ton Hammer sat down and talked to Shannon Posniewski from Cryptic. We all know most Cryptic games are made of fail so the free to play movement was not a big surprise. Look for Star Trek Online to do it next. Rather than give Ten Ton any free advertising, I will sum up the article below so you dont have to deal with their browser infesting spy ware.
Well, we’ve been looking at free-to-play for a long time now. We started with a subscription game a year ago. The game did pretty well, but it didn’t do awesome.

Well, an adventure pack is a self-contained story arc. The game has many, many story arcs in it, but an adventure pack is like a play-through movie almost, an adventure. It has multiple missions or quests that are all connected to each other. They usually start in the normal static world where you’re used to playing, and they usually go off to a new place. Subscribers get all of the adventure packs for free. They just come in as part of the subscription. If you’re a silver player, a non-subscriber, you’ll be able to buy them in the C-Store.

Demonflame brings back a story that appears in the Champions pen-and-paper game, where a particular person, called Luther Black, is basically trying to become a god. He’s doing that by pulling in energies from the Qliphothic realm. That was 20 years ago, and he’s trying it again. He’s found a new way to become a god and he’s busy capturing the avatars of these deities that are in this place called the Qliphothic, which is this place of chaos and madness. Basically, it’s an alternate dimension of chaos.

Once you buy an adventure pack, it’s for an entire account. In fact, when you buy stuff that unlocks something, it’s for the entire account.

I hope that people who have previously tried Champions Online or people who didn’t want to pay for another subscription game stop by and try us. Champions Online is a different kind of MMOG.

And blah blah blah. More corporate spin. I just saved all of you about 10 minutes of your life you would never have gotten back. Look I understand the need for free to play and how people that like that stuff piss and moan and try to defend it all the time but in reality it is a cop out. F2P by and large sucks and so do the games that use it. They are going that route because no one plays their garbage other than entitled feeling cheap gamers that refuse to cave in to Blizzard and play World of Warcraft. There is a whole society built around defending the genre and standing up for the rights of free to play but I do not buy it. Free to play gamers are like vegetarians and really just need to go away.