Saturday, November 13, 2010

Champions Online reintroduces lifetime subs even when going free to play

WHA? That's what I said. $299 dollars to permanently be a gold member. Below are the details. By the way there is still not enough there to make me pay them 300 bucks for a game that is going F2P due to lack of interesting things to do other than fight all the time. No thanks!
Millennium City will always need heroes, and here's your chance to commit to saving the world forever. After it's been off the market for over a year, we're happy to reintroduce the Lifetime Subscription option to Champions Online. With a Lifetime Subscription, you can play Champions Online forever and never pay a monthly subscription fee again!

But the perks of a lifetime subscription extend beyond just a great savings opportunity. We've also bundled in special features for Lifetime Subscribers as tokens of appreciation. Here are some of the benefits we've extended to our Lifetime players:

  • No subscription fee: Play without a monthly fee forever! (When Champions Online goes Free-to-Play, Lifetime Subscribers will receive all the benefits of Gold Members in perpetuity!)

  • Free digital copy of the game: No need to purchase a retail key. It's included in your Lifetime purchase!

  • Foxbat Action Figure - A miniature version of Foxbat to accompany you in-game.

  • Art Deco/Art Deco Future Costume Sets - Two free costume sets, original to Champions Online's launch.

  • Eight character slots - Create eight different heroes.

  • The VIP room - The VIP room in Club Caprice is restricted to Lifetime Subscribers and longtime Champions veterans.

  • Exclusive costume piece - Just visit a tailor in-game to add it to your current hero.

  • "Vanguard" Perk and title - Show off that you're committed to Champions Online for the duration.

  • Forum goodies - Change the color of your handle and show off that Vanguard title on the forums, too.

  • More on the way!