Sunday, November 14, 2010

DC Universe Online not my cup of tea

The game is a straight up console port to the PC. Sad, but true. I assumed it would at least be two different UI's for the different players but it's straight up pure console UI and plays like a pure console game. Unless they redo the UI entirely for the PC the game will fail in record time.

These kinds of games are just not meant to be played on a console with a controller. And while what they have for character creation is nice - and again clumsy as hell to use with the console UI - there isn't near enough of it, not even close to what CoX/CO has which means a lot of clones with slight variations will be running around. The game plays like an arcade game too in everything from combat to how mobs drop big glowing items Mario style when you destroy them. I could go on, but suffice it to say DCUO will not be doing anything big at this rate. When I create a character I have a specific origin and idea in mind and in DCUO I cannot accomplish this goal with their character generation system. I have it all planned down to the belt and what will be on my character's shoulders. Another thing I don't like about DCUO is that it is loot driven. You cannot have a superhero game like this.

If you are an MMO purest I will not be able to recommend this game. If you want to log in and play a straight up console fighting game like Marvel Ultimate Alliance then this game will be for you.