Sunday, November 28, 2010

EVE Online Incursion patch notes

While I still dabble in EVE Online from time to time I just find the game incredibly too boring to get involved in its e-peen PVP drama and whatever else the players would tell you is so "awesome" near end game.

I just do not enjoy the game as much as I think I should but perhaps the more I play and the more I gain monetarily I can up my equipment (aka ship) and play with some big corporation in the future. For now however I have too many other games to write about and too many other more FAST MOVING titles to jump into and beat the crap of things.

The new patch notes for Incursion are lengthy and include a ton of new changes to game however so I may have to jump in and play around with what I have access to at my puny little level.

You can read all of them here but I will cut and paste a few notes for the lazy.

  • A dedicated salvaging ship, the Noctis, has been added to EVE Online

  • The EVE client is now resizable in Windowed mode

  • Fighter Bombers now have a new missile effect, which looks awesome and doesn’t make the servers beg for mercy at the same time