Monday, November 29, 2010

Fallen Earth: a case of cloned wives

Jacob Phillips was cloning his wife. It has been discussed before. Unfortunately for the entire town of Terrance he stores the failed clones in the fenced in backyard of a local house. They are all there. Maura Zero who was a pathetic failure and barely human, Maura White, Maura Red and even Maura Blue. In Fallen Earth one of the quest chains has you dealing with Jacob Phillips and his insistence on returning his dead wife to her former glory. One such quest has you taking DNA samples and bringing them to a local doctor so that he may try to decipher what Phillips is doing wrong and fix it once and for all. Until then you are stuck having to witness the terrible price of his failures as they wander around the backyard displaying their idiosyncrasies. From the drooling hairless Maura Zero to the psycho Maura Red they are all there waiting to talk to you.