Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fallen Earth: Frank Grimes is insane

In my return to Fallen Earth I have decided to have one character craft and one be the rifleman and the combat guy that gets the jobs done. This approach is not unusual for an MMO player in a game that is heavy on making your own way like Fallen Earth, EvE Online and say Ultima Online were. So it was that my "combat" character was stuck facing a tricky quest chain in Terrance (a little starter town) involving turning off a zombie making machine. You heard that right. Frank Grimes, in an effort to clone or replicate a dead love interest, had been failing and his invention had been producing disgusting half dead mistakes.

I had been laboring with this quest for a while. When I first started I was level 4 and honestly had a tough time with it. The way into the complex, the way out and all around were full of zombies. After I leveled to five and then six I had a much easier time and finally buckled down and decided to finish the quest. Upon entering the complex and turning off the machine and power hub as well as assisting Frank Grimes with his "issues" I returned to him for the quest turn in.

I got the battery from Grimes and knew this was some sort of setup because now I had to go into Terrance and hijack the radio signal there so that the machine could broadcast a message. To me it was obvious that Frank Grimes had grown to worship the machine like a messiah. When I told him the machine told me to do its dirty work he flipped out.

Well that was enough of that. Off I went with the battery to finish this HUGE quest chain and maybe hit level 7 today. Of course the radio was not in a easy place but in a building full of freaks that had moved in outside of town. I fought my way upstairs with my trusty garden hoe and activated the radio.

I finished the chain and managed to get outed at the same time. Thanks radio broadcast.

The quest texts in Fallen Earth are top notch for the most part and do tell some good stories. Make sure you read them ok? This is not a WoW like click and take fest for phat lootz. There is a little RPG in this MMORPG.

Below is a video showing how much fighting I had to go through. Enjoy.